Compression Springs

Compression springs are a type of wire spring used in everything from appliances to motorized equipment, motors, and more because it is the required type of spring. Compression springs are compressed by a load acting upon them or their ends are compressed, the design of the wire tries to return the spring back to the original shape thus pushing the load back.

One can control the actions of the compression spring by how it is designed. The diameter of the coil, the number of coils, the style of the ends even the length and diameter and shape of the wire can all make different compression springs. This is why it is so important to have all the right dimensions when ordering a spring so its performance will meet the needs of the application.

Springhill Springs has been manufacturing and designing compression springs for many years and has helped numerous companies not only determine the right spring for the job, but offer design and manufacturing of their compression springs. We are large enough to provide capacity and repeatability yet small enough to still offer custom design and production runs for special requirements.