Tension Springs

A tension spring is a wire spring that reacts to forces pulling the ends apart and physically extending in shape, trying to offer resistance and return to its close coiled shape. This type of resistance is why tension springs are used for everything from hardware to close screen doors or balance scales or even garage doors.

Tension springs can be manufactured to accommodate different loads, applications, or specific conditions by varying the size of the coil, the size of the wire or even by the length of the spring.

At Springhill Springs, we produce speciality tension springs and provide design assistance to ensure the right configuration for your specific application like a small custom spring shop, but also offer the consistency of quality and fast delivery like a large company. Our technology and in-house design experts combined with our years of spring manufacturing enable us to produce small custom or large stock runs of tension springs.

Having a manufacturer that is both quality oriented and flexible in production is beneficial to you because we can provide the right spring solution to meet your needs, and also provide it quickly, and consistently, saving you time and money in the long run, while delivering quality at the same time.